Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mr. Mel

My border collie Mel has made a lot of progress in the month that he has been a member of the family. He does get a tiny bit jealous of other dogs (including his brother Chevy) getting any of my attention, but we are working on it. I am taking him to obedience classes and the only real problem that I am having is that he refuses to lay "down". Our instructor and I feel someone has hurt or frightened him badly enough that he does not want to do it. He will stare down at the ground as if he is having some sort of flash-back. Poor kid! I will just have to be patient and keep working with him to build his confidence and trust. If I can get him into the pool (yes I did!) on his own, I am sure he and I can accomplish this as well. Someone in the past though has hurt him and I just can't stand thinking about it because he is such a sweet dog and loves giving and receiving attention, and loves to play!
Well, Mel and I go to class tonight, so I will blog about his progress later (hopefully he plucks up enough courage to do "down" all by himself)! I am upping the ante this week with string cheese for rewards!!